Welcome!. I'm

Varich Boonsanong

Software Engineer, and Startups Founder


Reactjs, Nextjs, web3, solidity, Express, GraphQL, Postgres, MS SQL SERVER, Mongo, GCP, firebase


Tensorflow, SKleran, Pandas, Numpy, MATLAB

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About me

University of Washington

• Senior Computer Science concentration Data Science with Honor
• Expected Graduate on July 2023

Bangkok Christian College

Work Experience

Software Engineer Intern

at Taxbit

‣ Automated developers’ workflows for a high-growth unicorn backed by PayPal Ventures and Madrona Venture Group.
‣ Built internal end-to-end testing tools using Typescript in AWS to ensure the validity of ingested data and the generation of proprietary tax forms, reducing manual developer intervention by 99%.
‣ Built an interface that aggregates metrics for core microservices and data processing pipelines.
Jul 2022 - Sep 2022
August 2021 - Current

Co-Foounder and Lead Devleoper

at Sopet

‣ Co-founded a startup that provides veterinary telemedicine service with over 3000 active users and got the latest funding for 2M USD.
‣ Built and managed high availability telemedicine backend service in Typescript using microservices, containers, and Kubernetes.
‣ Developed Machine Learning for Smart Symptoms service to give instant preliminary diagnoses using SQL, Keras, and internal decision tree software in collaboration with Chulalongkorn Vet Hospital.
‣ Planned business agenda and led a team of 5 developers by coordinating tasks and organizing meetings to develop an E-commerce platform selling pet food.

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Work Experience

Part-time Data Scientist

at Biscuit Lab

‣ Developed an office word extension that uses NLP to generate law contracts to reduce contracts’ initial draft time to a few minutes.
‣ Created a website for delivery companies to manage and optimize their routes withReact.js,Next.js, and in-house route-optimization software, allowing customers to reduce total vehicle travel distance by 8%.
‣ Optimized SQL query and backend service to reduce average response time by 30% using BigQuery, FastApi, Python.
March 2020 - June 2021
August 2019 - September 2019

Data Science Internship

at Siametrics Consulting

‣ Consulted with Thai traffic police to analyze, and suggest 3 policies to reduce car accidents which became the base of the offered policy.
‣ Built the data pipeline to automate data digestion and feature engineering, which helped reduce training time and increasemodel ROC accuracy by 20% using Python, Pandas, and Tensorflow.

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